• Are you feeling lost? Overwhelmed? Like you’re needing a vacation from the “voice” in your head?
  • Do you suffer with a deep-seated exhaustion that never seems to let up?
  • Do you find yourself burning out from the anxieties of the world today?
  • Do you find yourself thinking sometimes that you would rather hide than face the world?
  • Do you find yourself often bone-weary; tired of trying to find the willpower and motivation to just keep going?
  • Do you feel that weight of past traumas and events preventing you from moving forward—like there is an anchor pulling you down?
  • Are you struggling with PTSD – PRESENT TIME STRESS DISORDER?
  • Would you love nothing better than to find your balance and have a renewed passion
    for your life and the people in it?
  • Do you want to create a lifestyle of healthy habits, thoughts AND feelings?
  • Is it time to invest in YOU? Is it time to give your mind a rest?

If you answered YES to any of the above, then this program is for YOU!



 A Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Instructor & Mentor in advanced hypnosis practice, Coach, Author, Speaker, and Medium

With her extensive background in hypnosis and the healing arts and her passion to help and heal, Jacquie has a simple and natural ability for getting permanent, positive results with her clients.

Specializing in Self-Sabotage and Trauma Release related to the lived symptoms of Mental Health Issues, Jacquie works with and supports clients toward symptom relief and release and the promotion of a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Her 3 Principles Include:

  • Solution Focused Holistic Approach 

  • Overcome Coping – Move into Symptom Management

  • Calm your mind and improve your overall health holistically 



So many models of change are based upon the idea that there is something wrong with you, when in fact, there is nothing wrong with you at all. You’re not broken and you don’t need fixing.

The focus of my work comes from a place of positivity. Instead of focusing on what’s wrong, I prefer to focus on “What is great about you?” In answering that question and from that point forward, we can then come up with a plan of attack together to harness that greatness within you so that you are easily and very naturally able to solve and resolve those issues that you are so ready to let go of.

What do YOU really want?

Why is it important to you?

What is your true motivation to taking the first step to make this happen today?

Who do you want to become?

When will you know that you have the outcome you are looking for?

It will end with a vision of something much bigger that will inspire you to make the difference… To transform your world! Each program is client driven and designed for your individual and specific needs.


The Intensive 5-Day Mind Spa Experience builds up over 5 consecutive days of
sessions (remove 1 hour), culminating in massive release, healing, and client-driven
reprogramming including the following and more:

  • Recognize your own anxieties and resulting exhaustion. Gift yourself the release of the emotional baggage, fears and phobias attached to this and create natural internal protections for yourself even in the most drastic situations.
  • Recognize how releasing trauma, creating space for personal healing and forgiveness work will not only aid you in protecting yourself but will also achieve the balance you are seeking within yourself through positive coping mechanisms.
  • Recognize the ease of achieving your goals with a positive outlook that is free of emotional anchors and traumas.
  • Recognize within yourself the ability to know, sense or feel completely at ease, fully protected, grounded and in control in every situation, allowing clarity, focus, understanding and growth to naturally take place.
  • Recognize your role in never again feeling drained, overwhelmed or negatively affected in your life.



  • Learn how to hypnotize yourself for continued self-support and attract more of what
    you really want.
  • Release what’s been stopping you, slowing you down or keeping you from having what you want.
  • Realize that powerful vision for YOU, all about YOU and reap the benefits of what that transformation will mean for your life.
  • Release the lifestyle choices that have been draining you and live a healthy life with a positive outlook.

This FIVE Session Program:

Consultation and creation of a personalized program for your success; description of hypnosis and 5 consecutive daily sessions (online).