Disregard the notions of popular fantasy you may have about swinging pendulum watches or stage antics. Holistic hypnosis seeks to free you from the constraints of your conscious existence to deeply immerse you into your unconscious existence to access your own powers of healing and achievement.

By definition: Hypnosis occurs when there is a change of mental state and the focus of the mind becomes concentrated to the exclusion of everyday life.

In simpler terms: Hypnosis IS the language of the mind


When you catch yourself daydreaming, for instance, it is a mild form of self-hypnosis. The daydream essentially immerses your mind and soul in a moment of a world without issues where your hopes and dreams allow you to escape what may be the crushing reality you reside in. Far from being a flight of fancy however, it is best interpreted as your mind dominating the physical in order to ease an unwelcome sense of frustration, or boredom, or stifling sensations.

Hypnosis is at work all around us and it is one of the essentials of our lives.

Hypnosis is NOT sleep… 

It is an altered level of consciousness (meaning awake)

Hypnosis is NOT loss of control…

Rather is it taking full and complete control of your own mind

Hypnosis IS a choice… 

No one hypnotizes another. The individual being hypnotized chooses to allow themselves to go into hypnosis. This allows the individual complete control as they can choose to leave hypnosis (or emerge) any time and at will.

Hypnosis is NOT forgetting… 

Clients hear and remember all parts of the session

Hypnosis is NOT dangerous… 

Hypnosis is a natural ability of the mind that we all experience daily. The use of hypnosis was recognized by the American Medical Association in 1958. It is completely safe when practiced by an experienced, professional. It is only dangerous if you are driving or operating machinery, so hypnosis audio products should not be listened to in those circumstances. There has not been one documented case of hypnosis doing harm to a person.

Hypnosis IS a process… 

Rapid change is possible with hypnosis, however most of my clients are scheduled for a brief series of sessions, as my goal is to provide you with the most effective hypnotic process in the most efficient use of your time. This model allows for an effective series of sessions with continued reinforcement, self-hypnosis training, and proper customization for your unique set of needs. Most people begin to experience benefits from the very first session, though hypnosis is a process.

The professional hypnotherapist guides that ability you already possess, to make it work towards true holistic effects. I will guide you deeper into yourself to clear out any perceptions or things that you have learned along the way including emotions, habits or beliefs that have stopped working towards your benefit and are preventing you from moving in a desirable direction.

We then work on creating positive, lasting changes; a sort of “Out with the Old, In with the New” scenario to cleanse your body, mind and soul from destructive forces which you never before had the ability to control.

Beyond the healing effects of hypnosis, most clients comment on the complete relaxation they feel during treatment. Without ever falling asleep, your body will achieve a state of relaxation as the tension that had been trapped in your whole self for so long is released in a wave of therapeutic bliss. But unlike in popular misconceptions about hypnosis, you will not “wake up” with no memory of what transpired. You are fully conscious at all times, with your “secrets” to be divulged or not at your own choice.

Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis for its therapeutic value. Widely practiced and extensively researched, it is a highly successful form of therapy for treating a vast array of psychological, emotional, physical, and spiritual issues.

Hypnotherapy is generally practiced in a private, one-on-one setting that takes place in an office setting or alternately online in an environment that is safe, comfortable and completely private for you. You choose your own goals and you choose to do the work. In a collaborative way, we then structure the session for YOU-to-YOU benefits.

Hypnotherapy pushes the mind, body, and soul beyond the range of normal perception.

Transcendence Hypnotherapy is the state of being free from the constraints of this material world and deeply immersed in one’s higher mind, to overcome your attachment to physical limitations or maladies down the path towards your fully realized self.

Your conscious mind normally compartmentalizes pain and suffering as a memento of your living through the everyday experience; while hypnotherapy provides the medium for your higher mind (superconscious mind) to release pain and suffering from your whole.

In other words, I will assist you to transcend your normal relationship with your lived experiences into actualization of those experiences within the higher mind where all solutions, shifts, and changes can be enacted and where choices can be made with regard to healing, forgiveness and total release of the issue at hand.