For a long time, my beautiful daughter hid from me the full extent of her inner turmoil. In these past few years she has come forward and spoken with me about some of what goes on in her life and some of the traumas she has endured. She also took the monumental step of seeking medical attention and getting diagnosed.

Shianne suffers with Bipolar Disorder and PTSD. Every day is a struggle with some days being worse than others. However, Shianne is a fighter; she gets up every day and lives her life. She goes to school, to work and spends time with family and friends like any young woman. She is very busy with extracurricular activities and is always willing to try new things. Shianne also has the biggest heart and the most caring spirit I’ve ever seen!

We all have a reason why we do the things that we do. Most of the motivation in my life comes from deep within myself and is supported by my partner, my children, and my grandchildren who are a focal point in my life in so many ways.

I have always had the desire to help people and to make their lives just a little bit better. When I started to notice that my own daughter wasn’t always happy and that she was actually hiding from the world, I didn’t really know what to do. I tried motivation talks with her, doing special things with her and when that didn’t work I tried tough love and life lessons. Without understanding mental illness and all its many twists and turns, I shoved my own daughter further and further away.

It is because of the spirit and the fight that I see in her; because of the defeats and how she rises back to the challenge; the highs and the lows she faces with equal determination that I am dedicating Transcendence Hypnosis to my daughter Shianne.

Shianne has taught me in so many ways and on so many levels to have patience, understanding, compassion and to realize that life is not black and white. There are good days, great days and perfect moments and these are victories to be celebrated. On those hopefully few bad days, the horrible days and those moments best forgotten, she has demonstrated and taught me perseverance with her will to turn the bad days into better days. Education is the key! Finding out what I could do about mental health and learning first hand even more has opened my eyes and released me of many previous beliefs, perceptions, and assumptions that were incorrect and allowed me to grow into compassion, understanding and knowledge.

And now I know what I can do to help…

Transcendence Hypnosis was borne of freedom from one’s inner struggles. In that freedom, my main goal is to let my clients know that they are seen and heard, and that they are validated and unique. The follow-up goal is to then alleviate individual suffering and open clients up to the real simplicity of life putting them on the path towards realizing their full potential through their own thoughts and actions. My role as hypnotic guide is to provide peace, support, compassion and understanding throughout that process of self-realization.

To you, My Precious Child
Love You Always and Forever Just the Way You Are Shianne

~ Mom