• Perhaps you have been curious about things in your life that just don’t seem to make sense—or have no origin?
  • Perhaps you have a fear of phobia that is completely unfounded?
  • Perhaps you have a habit or addiction and you don’t know where it came from.
  • Perhaps you have health concerns and want answers?
  • Perhaps you have a certain skill set or talent that doesn’t seem to fit with your family history?
  • Perhaps there are people in your life who you are magnetically drawn to even though they may be strangers?
  • Perhaps you are wondering why there are those individuals whose presence seems to cause hardship or problems in your life?
  • Perhaps you are curious to know, “Who were you in another life?

If you answered YES to the above, then Past Life Regression is for YOU!



Have you ever had a conversation with your soul?

There is a place between lives that your Soul calls Home. During an inter-life regression session, the client goes to this life-between-lives place for a deep healing, to learn more about their soul family and life purpose, and to converse with someone who has passed from this current life. It is a place of great healing, clarity, knowledge and wisdom.

Clients who have taken this journey have declared it to be one of the most profound sessions they have ever had.

If healing, purpose, knowledge, and deep inner wisdom are what you're seeking, then Inter-life Regression is for YOU!

Investment is dependent on length of session. Minimum 2 hours.


 A Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Instructor & Mentor in advanced hypnosis practice, Coach, Author, Speaker, and Medium

With her extensive background in hypnosis and the healing arts and her passion to help and heal, Jacquie has a simple and natural ability for getting permanent, positive results with her clients.

Specializing in Self-Sabotage and Trauma Release related to the lived symptoms of Mental Health Issues, Jacquie works with and supports clients toward symptom relief and release and the promotion of a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Her 3 Principles Include:

  • Solution Focused Holistic Approach 

  • Overcome Coping – Move into Symptom Management

  • Calm your mind and improve your overall health holistically 



Jacquie’s Past Life & Inter-Life Regression sessions are an awesome way for you to discover the stories of your lives to bring positive change to your current life situations.

Past Life & Inter-Life Regression sessions with Jacquie are a wonderful opportunity and gift to yourself through the promotion of:

Personal Healing

Spiritual Growth

Satisfaction of Your Own Curiosities

Who do you want to become?

Release of Irrational Fears, Phobias, Traumas and Karmas

Understanding Your Spiritual Gifts (Skill Sets and Talents) That Are a Mystery to You in This Life

Getting to the Meaning of Your Own Life’s Purpose

Healing and Understanding Relationships

Each session is client driven and designed for your individual and specific needs.

“There are only two times in our lives; NOW and TOO LATE,
But if it’s “NEVER TOO LATE”, then all we really have is right NOW!

– Jacquie Balogh