Surrogate hypnosis is an indirect hypnosis therapy. When applying this kind of hypnosis, the hypnotist doesn’t work directly with the individual having the problem, rather the session is conducted through a surrogate.

When applying surrogate hypnosis, the session begins with a connection of the higher mind—or Superconscious Mind—of the surrogate and the individual having the issue.


A basic prerequisite for surrogate hypnosis is that consent of the person having the issue does not need to be obtained from them. Consent is obtained through the Superconscious Mind of the person with the issue. 

No consent from the Superconscious Mind… No session… 
It really is that simple!



Example: In the case of a child or baby, the surrogate may be the mother. In the process of a surrogate hypnosis session, the child’s mother “slips” into the role of the child so that all work can be performed for the child through the mother.

Surrogate Hypnosis is used for the same purposes as regular session hypnosis. With permission from the Superconscious Mind of the individual with the issue, profound change can be brought about by facilitating healing, forgiveness, release work and fortifying inner strengths. Surrogate Hypnosis can also provide answers to questions directly from the individual’s Superconscious Mind that can bring about change and create exploration of treatment options with medical teams.

Children and babies – in many instances surrogate hypnosis is utilized with children who are non-verbal, comatose, experiencing complex medical issues, severely disabled, have undergone deep trauma, unexplained pain, distance, end of life, etc

Adults non-verbal, comatose, Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease, complex medical issues, severely disabled, chronic pain, addictions, distance, end of life, etc

Afterlife ConnectionSurrogate hypnosis and connection with a loved one who has passed can bring about feelings of resolution, closure and peace.

Ever heard of the horse whisperer… Maybe the dog whisperer?

Surrogate Hypnosis can be used with people and with animals. Dogs and horses seem to be most amenable, as evidenced during a surrogate session between one of my students and her beautiful pup. Any animal though has the ability to receive the 
benefits of a surrogate hypnosis session.

As with human-to-human surrogate—the most ideal outcomes are achieved when there is a strong connection or bond. However, as long as permission is granted through the Superconscious Mind of the animal—the session can and will be very successful. I have a student who is a horse whisperer and she uses surrogate hypnosis with her horses all the time.

Surrogate with animals is mainly used for healing purposes for the animal including health concerns, behavioral concerns, aggression, habit change, etc. Connection and understanding for the human serves to strengthen the bond by making certain changes where the animal’s care is concerned.